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Pound Cake French Toast Bacon Egg Sandwich

When I saw the Daron the Chef (@daronthechef on Instagram) Pound Cake French Toast, Bacon and Egg Sandwich drizzled in maple syrup tutorial pop up on my feed, I KNEW I had to veganize it.

This sandwich was mind blowing and it was pretty easy. It take about 20 ish minutes and can be faster if you're making everything simultaneously (I was filming and prepping everything separately).

Pound Cake French Toast Bacon Egg Sandwich BEFORE the Epic Maple Syrup Drizzle

To recreate this vegan pound cake french toast bacon egg sandwich, I used: Abe's Vanilla Pound Cake: This cake was so ridiculously moist even after I had it for about 3 days from picking it up at Whole Foods. I made it with two slices, that were about 3/4 inch thick each. Blazn’ Bacon: This vegan bacon is made by a Chicago-based black-owned brand, Good2Go Veggie, who also make Shockn' Shrimp. I enjoyed this bacon and it comes pre-cooked so all you have to do is reheat it (stove top, air fryer, etc).

Oat milk

Just Egg: Vegan butter Cinnamon Nutmeg Pure vanilla extract Maple syrup

What You'll Need:

A bowl for batter


Something to set aside wet battered pound cake if needed (I used parchment paper)

Batter for two sandwiches:

- about 3/4 cup of plant milk

- about 1.5 tablespoons of Just Egg

- a few shakes/dashes of cinnamon and nutmeg

- a few drops of pure vanilla extract


  • Prepare (heat) vegan bacon (use instruction from packaging); I pan fried two slices of Blaz'n Bacon in about 2 tsp of vegan butter for about 2 minutes on each side on medium heat

  • Prepare and whisk batter. Gently batter both sides of pound cake (since the cake is so moist, it can easily crumble). Let excess batter drip off before pan frying.

  • Pan fry battered pound cake in vegan butter for about 4 minutes on each side or until crispy brown (I used about a tablespoon)

  • Prepare the vegan scrambled eggs (I also added 1/2 slice of Follow Your Heart Smoked Gouda)

  • Assemble the sandwich and top with maple syrup. Enjoy!

This was the whole entire bomb y’all ain’t leave one morsel on my plate. This is definitely something you should try for weekend breakfast/brunch at home! Subscribe for more vegan inspiration, restaurant reviews, easy recipes and more! #plantbasedtamika #blackvegansofig #vegansofinstagram #veganbreakfast #veganrecipes #veganfrenchtoast #howtogovegan

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