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Three Chicago Must-Try Vegan-Friendly Restaurants

If you're looking for some Chicago restaurants that are serving up some tantalizing vegan options, look no further!

Here are three Chicago restaurants across the city that offer some of the most delicious vegan eats I've ever had.

Casa Yari (3268 W Fullerton Ave)

Whenever someone asks me for a restaurant suggestion, I always suggest this spot. This woman-owned eatery offers some of the most mind-blowing and visually appealing. Half of their menu is vegan and Chef Yari puts so much love and care into her dishes. They have vegan mofongo, jibaritos and a variety of other Puerto Rican and Honduran inspired eats! Definitely stop by for dinner or brunch—every bite is tantalizing and they have a variety of beautifully delicious mocktails (they’re also a BYOB).

Majani (7167 S Exchange Ave)

This sustainable, black-owned vegan south side gem has been serving up tantalizing eats for years. They offer comfort vegan food with a soul food spin. I am in love with their bbq cauliflower, oyster mushroom tacos and soul food dinners. Don't forget to try their desserts!

Amore Sushi (3175 N Halsted)

This north side family-owned sushi spot is vegan-friendly and the options are tantalizing. Their creative vegan menu goes way beyond the basic avocado roll you can’t go wrong with any of their vegan options including their Veggie Monster and Veggie Lover Rolls.

Have you tried any of these Chicago vegan-friendly restaurants / dishes?

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