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Top Vegan Eats in Phoenix / Tempe, Arizona: Early Bird Vegan

Last year, I stopped by Early Bird Vegan in Phoenix and most recently, I visited Chef Krystal's newest location at Sonoran University in Tempe, Arizona.

Plant-based Tamika and Chef Krystal at Early Bird Vegan Tempe Arizona
Chef Krystal and I at her newest Early Bird Vegan location in Tempe, Arizona.

This Black and Asian woman-owned spot has two Early Bird Vegan locations and a food truck, Trash Panda Vegan. Chef Krystal blends both of her cultures to create some of the most tantalizing vegan eats, making waves in the Arizona desert.

Vegan Jackfruit Ribs and Mac n Cheese Dish at Early Bird Vegan Tempe Arizona
Jackfruit BBQ Rib Tips & Mac n Cheese from Early Bird Vegan

Top Vegan Eats in Phoenix, Arizona: Early Bird Vegan

Seeing Chef Krystal's passion for plant-based eats is obvious by the way the food is presented. The visuals are vibrant, layered and full of texture. She blends different superfoods with other plants to create some of the most colorful, most tantalizing eats, making Early Bird Vegan one of the top spots for vegan eats in Phoenix / Tempe, Arizona.

Chef Krystal prepping jackfruit bbq rib tip sandwiches at Early Bird Vegan in Tempe, Arizona
Chef Krystal working her magic in the Early Bird Vegan Tempe kitchen

The standout dishes from Early Bird Vegan for me are:

Jackfruit BBQ Rib Tips & Mac n Cheese: The Mac n Cheese is so creamy and has that sharp cheddar "twang"! The Jackfruit Ribs are amazing in the sense that they mimic the meaty texture of ribs and are so savory, saucy and a hint of sweet.

Sonoran Dog: Named after the University their Tempe location is stationed, this vegan hot dog is loaded and full of flavor. I wasn't expecting a whole lot when I bit into it, but my eyes got big because it really packs a lot of tantalizing flavor in every bite.

Pesto Grilled Cheez: Again, I was not expecting so much flavor to be involved! I took one bite and the soft yet crunchy, buttery bread with the in-house blends of pesto and cheese, really blew my skirt up. I ate the whole sandwich within a few sittings and I swore I wasn't hungry.

Chef Krystal also makes a mean dessert. I've had their Out Of This Brownie topped with Blue Spirulina powder and most recently, their Lavender Drip Cake. So moist and perfectly sweet!

Lavender Drip Cake at Early Bird Vegan in Tempe, Arizona
Early Bird Vegan's Lavender Drip Cake

If you are ever in the Phoenix / Tempe, Arizona area, do yourself a favor and stop by Early Bird Vegan! Check out their website for more information on their locations and menu.

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