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Vegan Grilling Series Pt 1: BBQ Grilled Pizza

Grilling season is upon us and we are kicking off a series of vegan-friendly menu items that will have you drooling when you pull these items off the grill.

The first part goes to BBQ Grilled Pizza. It is super easy, fast and so tantalizing! Now I must say, I am no grilling pro - I needed some guidance from hubby, but once he showed me, this was pretty goof proof, as long as you stay close and check on your pizza. All you'll need is your fave frozen pizza/frozen pizza crust, any extra/customized toppings, some charcoal and your grill! I used the Sweet Earth Veggie Lover's Frozen Pizza I got from my last Vegan Grocery Haul.

Watch this video to see how I did it and see instructions below.

Step 1: Stack charcoal in a pyramid one one side of the grill (your pizza will be cooking on indirect heat on the opposite side of the grill)

Step 2: Light up the grill (depending on the charcoal you use, you may need some lighter fluid) and leave grill uncovered until charcoals get hot (once they turn grey); usually about 15 mins

Step 3: While the coals are getting hot, dress your pizza the way you want it with any other additional toppings. I used Sweet Earth Veggie Lover's Frozen Pizza and added:

Violife Cheddar Shreds and Aldi Mozzarella Shreds (about 1/4 cup of each

Artichoke hearts (canned, drained and used about 1/2 the can)

Bell pepper (about 1/5 of bell pepper, chopped)

Red/Yellow/Orange Sweet Mini Peppers (3 mini peppers, chopped)

Bella Mushroom (I only used one bella mushroom, sliced, as this pizza already had mushrooms on it)

Extra marinara sauce (I added it about half-way through, just so it would get warmed on the pizza)

Step 4: Once coals are ready/grey, carefully spread the coals across the entire half of the grill. Place your pizza on the grill opposite side of the hot coals and cover (be careful the handle of the grill top is not hot; I used an oven glove). After about 5-7 mins, rotate your pizza 180 degreea to evenly cook the other half of the pizza. Be sure to consistently check on your pizza, as it can cook fast. I set timers to check it every 5 minutes and it cooked within 15 minutes. I prefer my crust very crunchy.

Step 5: Once pizza is done, carefully remove it from heat with metal/grill friendly spatula and pizza pan. I made a vegan garlic butter sauce by popping about 1 tablespoon of vegan butter in the microwave then added a few shakes of garlic powder. I added it to the crust with a basting brush. Let cool for 5 mins, cut and enjoy! Don't forget your crushed red peppers and garlic powder!

Did you make this? Please let me know and share with me on Instagram @plantbasedtamika or our Chitown Vegan Facebook Page!

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