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Vegan Grocery Tips During Covid-19

Vegan While Quarantined/Socially Distant: My Grocery Shopping Tips

During the recent coronavirus outbreak, I've dramatically decreased my grocery store visits due to the quarantine recommendation, which makes me have to tweak how I shop. With that being said, I am also challenging myself to use this extra time to learn new recipes (be sure to subscribe so you can find out!) and try out new things. Check out my video below and let me know what you think.

During this time, I have also been mindful to: 1) Do more phone calls/video chats with my friends/family. Socially distant doesn't have to mean isolation. 2) Get exercise both indoors (tons of free YouTube workouts--check out my sister @momswearheels on Instagram for in-home workout inspiration) and outdoors; I've really been enjoying the walks with hubby and my dogs. 3) Do my best to keep the normalcy in my household, because its easy to start to feel stressed and/or anxious in a time like this. How have you been eating differently since Covıd-19? Leave me a comment; let's chat!

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