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Welcome to the NEW Casa Yari

I had the pleasure of getting a sneak peek, behind-the-scenes dining experience at the newly remodeled Casa Yari. This quaint, Latin fusion eatery Logan Square neighborhood serves up some of THE BEST vegan food I have ever had in my life.

When I walked into the newly remodeled Casa Yari, my breath was snatched from me! It was so beautiful. I took my time taking in all the eye-catching aesthetics including roped lighting, plants galore and so many personal touches infused into the decor.

Chef Yari greeted me with open arms and warmth. As the menu items started to be brought out, my eyes got bigger with each dish! If you know Casa Yari, you know they don't play when it comes to presentation. The food is not only tantalizing, but its such a treat for the eyes and definitely Insta-worthy! I enjoyed (a nicer word for what really happened..I devoured):

- Caribbean Nachos: This tantalizing appetizer made with jackfruit, vegan cheese from Cheeze and Thank You and featured a touch of sweet meets savory with mango pico de gallo. Yum!

Caribbean Nachos & Caribbean Sunset Mocktail

- Vegan Pollo con Tajadas: This Honduran Fried "Chicken" made with oyster mushrooms was massive, pretty and oh my goodness, a must-order!

Vegan Pollo con Tajadas & Caribbean Sunset Mocktail

- Mofongo Ropa Vieja: This took me back to Puerto Rico! This double fried mofongo made with green plantains, filled with shredded jackfuit with Criollo sauce was an absolute delight!

- Dessert was the vegan flan. It was perfection! Period point blank. It was super flavorful, fruity and the texture was on point.

Vegan Flan

I also enjoyed two mocktails: the Caribbean Sunset and Mr. H. Both of these were so flavorful and a treat for the senses. I really enjoyed the natural fruity flavors of the Caribbean Sunset and the pear-ginger combo of the Mr. H, named after the Casa Yari Manager/Mixologist Mastermind (I just named him that), Hector.

Mr. H Mocktail

I’m so pumped that Casa Yari reopens TODAY (2/25/2022) at noon!

If you’re in the Chicagoland area and never experienced the food at Casa Yari, I’m not playin’ with y’all, you MUST try it.

Are you a Casa Yari superfan like me? What was your most memorable dish from Casa Yari?

Please note: Casa Yari will NOT be taking reservations (walk in only) and brunch will resume next weekend/starting in March.

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