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Hi, I'm Tamika!

Some years back, I was online researching "how to cure asthma naturally" and came across someone's blog that stated they omitted dairy and their asthma went away. 

After reading that and soon after, watching the food documentary, What The Health, I took the plunge and switched to a plant-based diet. 

My quality of life skyrocketed and I ditched the inhaler! Sharing my easy vegan recipes and tantalizing vegan eats in Chicago (and everywhere I travel) on my blog & social accounts has unveiled a whole new passion. 

I am also the owner of the award-winning online shop, Standout Style Boutique and have worked in the fashion industry independently for 15 years. 

My fashion and foodie work has been seen on The Rachael Ray Show, WGN, NBC, ABC, nationally aired American Express Commercials and more!

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