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Vegan Grilling Series Pt 5: Rum Cocktail in a Pineapple

How fun?! Sippin' an adult beverage out of a cute pineapple?! Yes please! Any excuse to be extra AF, I'll take it. This is when our Vegan Grilling Series starts to get extra fun!

You will want to make your pineapple cocktail extra fabulous by adding some of the leaves from the pineapple stem and any other details like little umbrellas or cute (biodegradable) straws. I used these stainless steel cocktail straws that I have been loving and they help the environment (win/win). Now, because my straw was a cocktail straw, I had to cut my pineapple short to ensure the straw didn't drown in my adult beverage. What I ended up doing was using a smaller/shorter pineapple and cut it in half. I made my 13 year old son the virgin-version of this drink in the other half and he loved it.

I don't have any special tools to remove the inside of the pineapple, but I made it work with an ice cream scoop and a knife. Here is a super easy video with instructions if you have a pineapple corer. If you are like me and don't have one, here is what I did:

  1. Cut off the top of the pineapple

  2. Run a knife in a circle around the inside of the pineapple 1/2 inch away from the skin. Cut down to the firm part at the bottom – DO NOT cut all the way through the bottom, otherwise you'll just have a pineapple sleeve

  3. Once you've cut all the way around, cut the inside core (the part you want to remove) across twice (making 4 pieces)

  4. Use a big spoon or ice cream scooper to scoop out the inside

Now for the fun to make this rum drank! I added about a cup of crushed ice to a martini shaker and the recipe below. Shake it like a Polaroid pichaaaa, then pour it up into your pineapple.

Drink Recipe:

1 shot of Bacardi Superior Rum (I may have used 1.5 shots in one of my rounds, but if you can handle it, go for it!)

1 part pineapple juice (I used the juice from the pineapple)

1 part cranberry

a splash of papaya juice

lemon juice from a lemon wedge

Make this a virgin simply by omitting the rum and adding a bit more papaya juice!

Enjoy! Did you make this drank recipe??? You know I need the deets! Tag me on Insta @plantbasedtamika or the Chitown Vegan Facebook page and let me know.

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