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Black Woman Owned Juice Bar in Chicago

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

The other day, I had the pleasure of stopping by FruVe xPress Juicery in the south loop. I met the owner, Dominique who was wrapping up a meeting with another foodie influencer, managing one of her three juicery locations and making it all look effortless.

I pulled up to the south loop location, right off the corner of State and Roosevelt, found parking with no trouble and walked into the airy, bright juice bar.

On the right, is their "Health Is Wealth" sign and photo wall. To the left is their striking fruits and vegetable wall mural. There are about 7-8 small tables are at this location along with a seated bar area. Mellow hip hop & R & B subtly rocked the place and got me groovin' while I was taking it all in.

This Sweet Tart juice was bomb!

I ended up ordering something from each portion of the menu. Here's what I enjoyed:

My healthy and tantalizing spread.

Wellness Shots: Wheatgrass and Ginger Lemon Wellness Shot; That ginger lemon wellness shot got my whole life together.

Smoothie: I got the Warrior Smoothie and it was so good and the perfect consistency.

Juice: Sweet Tart Juice was super refreshing, sweet and light.

Acai Bowl: I picked the Berry Breezy Acai Bowl w/strawberries added on top.

Everything was bomb, but my fave was that tantalizing Berry Breezy Bowl. The texture of the granola with the sweetness of the fruit really hit the spot.

Warrior Smoothie

This black woman owned wellness bar & juicery has 3 locations across Chicago:

1131 S State St. (the location I visited)

1108 W Madison St.

1374 E 53rd St.

Have you been to either of the Fruve Xpress locations? What’s your fave thing to order?

Please note: Everything on the menu is vegan except honey and bee pollen.

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