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Tantalizing Chicago Vegan Pizza: Dimo's Pizza

It took me some years to finally make my way to one of the three Chicago Dimo's locations but I am so happy I did. I pulled up to their Wicker Park location the other day with a healthy appetite and gasped when I saw their vegan pizza options in front of me. This vegan pizza at Dimo's looked so tantalizing and definitely some of the best I've had in Chicago.

tamika holding mac and cheese pizza with mouth open
Laaawddd hammercy!! This is their Vegan Mac slice.

You can order a whole pie but I opted to try multiple kinds by the slice because variety is the spice of life honey! The slices are oversized, flavorful and colorful. Also, I was also happy to learn that all of their desserts are made vegan. That is such a flex.

Check out my full YouTube video review of four vegan pizza slices and desserts from Dimo's:

Tantalizing Vegan Pizza in Chicago: Dimo's Pizza

Tamika eating vegan pizza.
The BBQ Cheddar Ranch Slice was tantalizing!

Overall, I enjoyed all of the pizzas but there were definitely some standout slices. I will be back to enjoy these slices again! Have you ever tried any of these? Let me know in the YouTube, Instagram or blog comments!

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