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Vegan Puerto Rican Food in Chicago: The Jibarito Stop

Updated: Apr 7

Have you ever tried vegan Puerto Rican food? I got in touch with my Puerto Rican side by indulging in these classic Puerto Rican food favorites made vegan.

Vegan Puerto Rican Food in Chicago

The Jibarito Stop in Chicago's bustling Pilsen neighborhood offers a vegan menu including a vegan jibarito, vegan loaded yucca fries, vegan mofongo and more! If you have never tried authentic PR food, you should definitely stop in and check them out.

My favorites are:

The Jibarito, a classic PR sandwich with flattened, fried green plantain as the bread, garlic aioli/mayo and meat filling. The Jibarito Stop makes their vegan by using vegan cheese, vegan mayo and veggies for the filling (no faux meat).

The Loaded Yucca Fries

These loaded yucca fries with beans, veggies, avocado, soy grounds and vegan sauce are tantalizing! Makes a great entrée or shareable starter/appetizer.

The Mofongo, a classic PR dish made with green plantain. The rice and beans that come with their dishes is so yummy, too!

I truly enjoyed all of these eats and encourage you to visit them. They're located at 1646 W 18th St, Chicago, IL. If you get to swing by The Jibarito Stop, let them know Plant-based Tamika sent you or tag me if you post so I can see your eats!

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Apr 08

This is amazing, thank you!

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