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Best Kale My Name Eats: Top 10 Must-Try Vegan Dishes

I've been to Kale My Name (3300 W. Montrose Ave, Chicago, IL 60618) countless times, not only because Neman, the owner and I are friends, but because the food is so tantalizing!

My first visit to this 100% vegan restaurant was during the pandemic, after finding out a new Chicago vegan spot with a name that is a play on words of a hit Destiny's Child song. My friend and I dined on the patio and ordered nachos, mac n cheese balls, and veggie & Beyond sliders.

While I wasn't a fan of the mac n cheese balls or the veggie slider, I really enjoyed the other items I tried and the quality service, so I knew I'd be back.

When I first met Neman from Kale My Name

I soon came back because another friend booked a Tea Party at KMN for her birthday. That was the day I officially met Neman, KMN's owner. His energy was everything. He was perfectly "extra", fun and attentive to all his patrons. He was loving all of our coordinated stylish get-ups for my friend's tea party and took some pics.

tea party at kale my name with plant-based tamika
Teslyn and I at Kale My Name for her Tea Party B-Day

This award-winning vegan restaurant in Chicago brings people from far and near to dine. I've seen it first-hand how people share that they've driven from Michigan or farther to come to Kale My Name and take pics by the Instagrammable "Kale Me All Night" sign. Vegans, flexitarians and carnivores alike, come to Kale My Name and get their grub on.

KMN features globally-inspired eats and delivers awesome service in a cutely decorated, laid back atmosphere with great music and episodes of Neman's Puppy Patrol playing on the TV.

Plant-based Tamika in front of the Kale Me All Night Sign at Kale My Name
Me at Kale My Name for my 100K Party

In all my many visits, I try to experience new eats, but I clearly have found a nice rotation of my favorites. Something else to note, is KMN is gluten-free-friendly, with pretty much everything being able to be made gluten-free or gluten-free by default. Many of the items are soy-free, with everything being clearly marked on the menu.

Top 10 Must-Try Vegan Dishes from Kale My Name

Kale My Name Starters / Sides:

Tequeños: These Venezuelan cheese sticks have been made vegan and are so satisfying! I swear, I feel compelled to tell everyone to try them. They're light flaky outer layer and gooey cheese filling is simply perfection. Not to mention, the cheese pull on these bad boys are uh-mazing!

Greek Fries: Fries are one of my weaknesses and these are no different. I love the vegan feta crumbles and Garlic Aioli dipping sauce that come with Greek Fries! I always take home the leftover ones and warm them up in the air fryer for a treat later.

Garlic Kale: Their signature Kale, is steamed and such a yummy side, especially if you want to sneak in more greens/want a healthier option than French fries.

Cauli Wings: You can get them saucy or sauce on the side, in a variety of different kinds like Lemon Pepper, BBQ, or my recent fave, Buffalo. Of course, the ranch dipping sauce on the side is a must!

nemanja golubovic of kale my name holding cauliflower wings
Neman made me these cauli wings at their PlantX location!

nemanja golubovic and tamika price plant-based tamika holding caulflower wrings at kale my name
Whatchu NOT gon' tell me, is that we ain't cute! But don't these cauli wings look tantalizing?

Loaded Nachos (+ seitan + guac!): These nachos make everyone's eyes get big when they are placed on the table. This massive plate can easily be considered an entrée or at the least shared amongst 3-4 people. I enjoyed the nachos made their standard way, but the day Neman suggested we add their house made seitan and guac to them, I have never looked back.

Beyond Sliders: I am such a burger girl and really enjoy their cheeseburger sliders with their Awesome Sauce. They're the perfect size to feel satisfied with one or eat 3! Live your life!

I think it would be dope if they started offering a customizable sampler platter, because clearly, I enjoy many of them. I think I need to have a talk with Neman about this!

Kale My Name Entrées:

Oyster Mushroom Sandwich: My mouth is watering as I type this...The mushrooms are fried golden brown to perfection and the sandwich is shown below with Greek Fries, another fave.

Kale My Name Chicago Sandwich and Fries
Oyster Mushroom Sandwich + Greek Fries from Kale My Name

Hawaii Burger: I have always been a burger kind of girl, like I said, but I have never been the type to like pineapple anywhere on my burger, until NOW. Their Chicago Burger and Brunch Burger are also both tantalizing.

Kale My Name Brunch

KMN is one of Chicago's go-to spots for vegan brunch. They have a wide array of brunch items like pancakes, waffles, tofu scrambles, breakfast burritos and their new Ultimate Vegan Breakfast, but my go-to is their Lox Bagel.

Kale My Name's Lox Bagel is hands-down, my favorite brunch item. The jackfruit is smoked to perfection in-house and the bagel is so soft. Its flavorful and comforting!

Lox bagel from Chicago Kale My Name Menu
Lox Bagel and Rosemary Potatoes from Kale My Name

Vegan Dessert:

Last but not least, I wanted to add a dessert, even though I rarely save room for it! I was never big on cheesecake in my pre-vegan days, but their cheesecake really blew my skirt up! Also, all of their cheesecakes are also gluten free.

It is super light, creamy and they have a new flavor every month. The two flavors I have tried, were so good.

Have you tried any of these dishes? Maybe you've tried all of them! Drop me a comment and let me know if you've been to Kale My Name and what you have enjoyed.

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