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My Epic Vegan Trip To ATL

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

Oh. Em. Gee. is all that I can say when I reflect on my most recent trip to Atlanta.

Kale My Name owner, Nemanja aka Neiman and I were chatting over lunch at his restaurant a few weeks back and all of a sudden we had tickets and hotel reservations to go to Atlanta!

Neiman and I dining outside at Gregory's Vegan Atlanta Breakfast in ATL

Neither of us had any expectations of the trip outside of enjoying a lot of vegan food. But God had some much more grandeur plans for me honteeee!

Let me elaborate.

Literally within a week of booking the trip, one of my absolute favorite brands (they are on my "dream brands" list that I have been wanting to work with), The Lip Bar reaches out to me. They wanted to work with me on a top-secret brand collaboration with Atlanta-based Slutty Vegan (they are also on my "dream brands" list!!).

The deadline to do the content is quickly approaching---August 20th. Lo and behold, Neiman and I just booked a trip to ATL from August 17-20!!!! What???!!! That is nothing but God because that is too much synchronicity to be confused with a coincidence (plus I don't really believe in coincidences).

The Lip Bar was shocked and happy to hear that I would be in ATL during that time so that I can actually create some dope content on site at Slutty Vegan. So my mind is blown at this point.

So obsessed with this collab!!! See the link to purchase and coupon code below!

Click HERE to use my affiliate link to purchase The Lip Bar x Slutty Vegan collab lippies! Use my code: TAMIKA10 at checkout and enjoy 10% off (coupn good on first time purchases/customers only).

The day before we head to Atlanta, Neiman texts me that his business partner and friend, Tabitha Brown, WILL ALSO BE IN ATLANTA during the same time we are there.

Quick playin'! He says that the plan is to link up with Tab at some point during our trip. Me being the person who has had let down after let down in the past, I couldn't get excited because if it didn't happen, I wouldn't feel 'let down'. But when Neiman said "Tab is here, let's go meet her." I was experiencing a full circle moment. I knew I would have the pleasure of meeting her one day, but this was just so out of the blue and so well orchestrated by God all I could think is 'WOW'.

When I met Tab and hung out backstage with her before she went on stage at the Black Girls Social Club Brunch event, she was just like I imagined. Super cool. Her energy is both zen AF and super vibrant. I gifted her with a pair of my boutique's most loved accessory, the Day + Night earrings. We chatted, took pictures, she went on stage and as soon as she wrapped up, Neiman and I had to make a beeline for the airport to catch our flight back home to Chicago.

I truly feel...No - I know that I am doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing and I am in full alignment with my purpose. That is one of the greatest most calming feelings I have ever experienced. I know this because looking back on my recent struggles which led me to my first solo travel experience and trip Tulum. That experience was the beginning of my break through. It all makes complete sense and brings me so much peace!

You HAVE to watch my epic Atlanta experience unfold on my YouTube page where I share Neiman and my experiences with this vlog. Enjoy, share and drop me a comment! I also share every where and everything we ate. Literally everything we ate was TANTALIZING! I cannot wait to head back to Atlanta to try the places I was not able to visit this trip and to return to some of the spots for round two!

Please let me know if any of this resonates with you and where you are on your personal journey. Thanks for reading and watching!

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