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My Solo Trip To Tulum, Mexico

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

Have you ever fantasized about taking a trip by yourself and exploring a new city and culture? Well, a few months ago, I was going through something and decided I needed a reset. Initially, the reset only included a social media detox (a brief one---7 days, since content creation is my job, but still impactful), a juice/smoothie cleanse and to intentionally move my body daily with a goal of at least 10,000 steps a day.

I knew I was in this weird, uncomfortable place in my mind and after many conversations with God, meditating, reading, I knew I had to release some more things/habits. God was telling me, "'re going to have to do more than just drink smoothies and walk to get to where I am going to take you." God wanted to really challenge me and I was ready.

So just over two months ago, along with my cleanse, I also decided to quit drinking indefinitely. See, before, there was always and end date i.e. "I'll quit drinking for two weeks" or "until my birthday". I had legit kept hearing God tell me it was time for months, but I was like "uh uh, I still wanna enjoy my adult beverages with my fraaaaands God!" This time, I was ready for the challenge. I had realized that since I had began drinking, I had never stopped and it was time for me to get to know who I was without it.

With all of these habits and things I was releasing, I was feeling good mentally and physically. I was having healing conversations with God and boy did the "ugly" crying come out over and over again. To grow, it usually takes some pain, some release or some sacrifice. I was left to deal with whatever I was struggling with mentally (consciously/sub-consciously) with a sober, intentional mind and whoooo chyyyyyyd, that was not easy.

After about a month, I was thriving. I had not had any real cravings for alcohol, I was sleeping better, feeling better from the inside out and felt so focused. This was when I started feeling the pull to travel. Not like normally, because I travel often, but travel alone. This scared me to be honest, because I didn't want to go down the street or anywhere domestically. I knew I had to make this type of trip outside of my comfort zone. This is where Tulum, Mexico came in.

Check out my full YouTube video/vlog where I share in detail, my "why" for this trip, my experiences traveling solo in Tulum including lots of vegan eateries, a tour of where I stayed, visiting the cenotes and much more! I decided to share so much and be so candid because I know it will help someone else who can relate to something or many things from me sharing. Check it out and let me know what you think! Have you ever wanted to travel alone, but always find a reason to not do it? Have you ever been to Tulum?

Thanks and I hope you enjoy!

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