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The Coronado + Dark Hall Coffee: Top Vegan Eats in Phoenix, Arizona

Updated: Feb 7

As soon as I touched down in AZ from Chicago, I immediately Googled "dog friendly vegan restaurants near me" and The Coronado was one of the first places to pop up.

This was my first time traveling with my Yorkie, Marley, so had to find somewhere with not only tantalizing vegan eats, but also a patio for him to chill, sip on some water and enjoy a few of my fries.

Plant-based Tamika with Dark Hall Coffee in Arizona
Vegan Coffee Shop, Dark Hall, is a vibe!

I lucked up and found out The Coronado was not only one fully vegan restaurant, but also has a sister space, Dark Hall, a fully vegan coffee shop connected to it as well! SCORE!

Here is the rundown...

The Coronado: Top Vegan Eats in Phoenix, Arizona

This spot gave me all the feel-good vibes as soon as I was walking up! From the massive yet inviting lit tree on their cozy patio, to the ornate snake door handle you pull to enter this super stylish, vintage-inspired vegan restaurant, I was so into it.

There is free lot parking across the street, making it so convenient to dine in or pick up. The patio is also dog-friendly and my first visit, I brought Marley, my Yorkie. They brought him out some water and he was enjoying some time of my fries in the shade.

Their food is beautifully presented and I really enjoyed their food. Their staff is also so helpful and knowledgeable about the menu.

Beet & Quinoa Burger  from The Coronado Phoenix
Beet & Quinoa Burger - one of my faves!

Vegan Menu Items I Tried at The Coronado:

Horchata - This was the best horchata I have ever had! So refreshing and perfectly sweet.

Beet & Quinoa Burger - I really loved this dish. So good, probably my fave outside of the...

Jackfruit Flautas - A must try! Crunchy and savory goodness.

Potato Tacos - These were so pretty, but not my favorite. I wanted the potatoes to be more moist (less crisp) and wanted more potatoes in the taco.

Cauliflower Tacos - My server said this was their most popular dish so naturally I tried them. They are pretty good but not my favorite or a must-try.

Chocolate Raspberry Cake - I really enjoyed this. This cake was flavorful, perfectly sweet and moist.

Jackfruit Flautas from The Coronado
Their Jackfruit Flautas are a must try!

If you get a chance to visit The Coronado in Phoenix, I highly suggest trying their Horchata, the Beet & Quinoa Burger and Jackfruit Flautas.

If you have room for dessert, definitely try one. So tantalizing! Also, you have to ask for their in-house sauces on the side. They need to bottle them up and sell them, because I would have taken a few bottles home!

The Coronado was such a wonderful experience from the service, to the food, to the décor, this spot is definitely a top vegan restaurant in Phoenix, Arizona.

Vegan Chocolate Raspberry Cake at The Coronado in Phoenix, Arizona
Dessert anyone? Chocolate Raspberry Cake.

Spot #2, their sister space:

Dark Hall Coffee: Top Vegan Coffee Shop in Phoenix, Arizona

This 100% vegan coffee shop is the sister space of The Coronado and located in the same building. Surprisingly, I hadn't noticed it during my first visit. When I walked in, I immediately loved the vibe of this spot too! Matte black brick walls, silver shimmering disco balls and the aroma of fresh coffee greeted me.

This space gave off a chic yet spooky vibe and I was so feeling it! Once you walk towards the main dining/ordering area, the vibe gets even more chic with beautiful peony wallpaper and pretty pea green (faux) leather seating.

Chocolate cake skull latte from Dark Hall Coffee in Phoenix Arizona
Obsessed with this latte with a chocolate cake skull!

I ordered from their October "Seven Deadly Sins" Halloween menu and was delighted with what I got! The cute lil chocolate skull head latte really blew my skirt up! The coffee was so good and I really couldn't get enough of the cute skull made of chocolate cake.

I also enjoyed some of their moist, delicious Pistachio Rose Cake cake and a pretty latte with strawberry syrup. They really went in with this Halloween theme and I was so here for it!

Plant-based Tamika at Dark Hall Coffee Vegan Coffee Shop in Arizona
Me living my best life at Dark Hall Coffee

This quaint 100% vegan coffee shop gets packed quickly, but there is a patio with outdoor seating available as well. I would absolutely come back to both of these spots every time I am in Phoenix. I truly enjoyed both experiences, the vegan eats & treats!

Indulge in the top vegan eats in Phoenix, Arizona at The Coronado and Dark Hall Coffee. From tantalizing horchata to flavorful beet quinoa burgers, these 100% vegan spots are a must-visit!

Have you ever visited either of these vegan spots in Phoenix?

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