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Vegan Eats from Elephant + Vine

Do you love a tasty burger as much as I do?! Well Elephant + Vine, with two locations serving Chicago and Evanston, just released their new Mammoth Burger and it was insanely delicious. If you are vegan, flexitarian, or just enjoy eating vegan food, this burger will satisfy that craving!

It features a thousand island based dressing, lettuce, cheese, two patties and toasted bun. There was not one bit of flavor lacking here.

Well you gotta try this NEW Mammoth Burger from elephant + vine —it’s % vegan + tantalizing.

Fries are a must and they have some of the best sweet potato fries I've had!

Elephant + Vine has two Chicagoland locations: 719 Church St, Evanston IL 2315 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL

Have you tried this spot yet?!

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This vegan steak coulda fooled me! Have you tried the Vegan Steak Burrito from elephant + vine?

Last but certainly not least, I tried their new Korean BBQ Chicken Sandwich. It was saucy, had was a tantalizing blend of savory and hint of sweet. I would eat all of these Elephant + Vine items again without a question! So good.

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