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Did I Just Have The Best Vegan Pizza In Chicago?

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

I think I just might have had THE BEST vegan pizza in Chicago, yall! I have visited the previous Kitchen 17 location a few years back and when I heard they moved to another, larger location, I wanted to check out the new digs.

The new location is conveniently located right off the expressway. I turned onto Diversey and pulled right up to the unassuming building. When I walked in, I immediately noticed the double levels, intimate lighting and gorgeous chandelier as the new location's centerpiece.

The staff is so cool and friendly at this 100% vegan pizza spot. I ordered several things: The nachos, spinach artichoke dip and two pizzas (I brought a friend to help me eat! Don't judge LOL). Since Kitchen 17 offers both New York style crust and Chicago's famous Deep Dish, naturally, I had to try both. We really enjoyed the New York Style Traditional and the Deep Dish Fully Loaded pizzas. My absolute fave thing was the Deep Dish Fully Loaded. The crust was golden brown and perfectly crunchy. The toppings, sauce and seasonings were so on point! I'm hooked.

When I tell y'all that every. single. bite was tantalizing---I am not lying! Day 2 after the visit, I am still having foodgasms from my leftovers!

We ended with dessert and lawwwd hammercy! So so good and they offer gluten-free options for those avoiding wheat/gluten. Their dessert menu changes frequently and they have in-house bakers that whip up these vegan tantalizing creations.

Stop in, call to order, or order on their website (not on a 3rd party site like Uber Eats, etc) use my code: PLANTBASEDTAMIKA for 10% off your order!

Have you been to Kitchen 17? Where is your fave place for vegan pizza in Chicago?

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