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South Side Gem: Soul Veg City

I stopped by the new Soul Veg City (203 E 75th Street, on the corner of 75th and Indiana, formerly Soul Vegetarian) on Chicago's south side to enjoy some tantalizing eats and good vibes.

This purple and gold trimmed, newly renovated black-owned community gem has served up healthy vegan soul food for decades. This spot was also one of my first stops when I decided dip my toe in the plant-based pool.

I’ve been back countless times and when I heard they had a few new dishes, y'all know I had to pull up! When I walked in, I was greeted by the hot bar staff. I stopped by their super cute selfie/Instagram wall after I placed my order.

Right before stuffing my face, I got the chance to sit down briefly with the owners, siblings Arel Ben Israel and Lori Seay. They shared how their parents started the restaurant in 1981 and how important it was to stay on the south side, not only the legacy of their father and family, but to the community. We laughed, shared stories and then they let me get down to business---the food!

Extraordinary Burger: Housemade patty, topped with mushrooms and grilled onions. This is the new version of their Garvey Burger. I really enjoyed the texture of this burger and that it was house made patty made from plants.

Fish & Tartar: This vegan fish and the sauce, onion and pickle combo was satisfying. The texture of the fish was good and the bun was super soft.

Shrimp Boat: This was my fave! It is seasoned to perfection, with the perfect amount of crunch and kick. The vegan shrimp is soy-free and jumbo-sized!

Have you been to the new Soul Veg City? What are some of your fave items? Visit my Instagram for fun videos and vegan/plant-based inspiration!

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