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Tamika's Tantalizing Fried Oyster Mushrooms

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

Hey guys! So this is an updated recipe from my previous oyster mushroom that is still good, but these...these were even more tantalizing and the texture was much much better. The thing I learned that makes them better is to squeeze the oyster mushrooms to bind them after putting them in the batter. I did dry, wet, then dry batter again, then I squeezed the oyster mushrooms to bind them to better mimic chicken AND to get the excess moisture out of them. This allowed them to fry much better. This does make the battering process more messy, but its worth it!


-about 4 oz (1/4 lb) of oyster mushrooms (I get mine from my local Filipino/Korean/Asian market)

- 1.5 cups of flour for dry batter, 1/2 cup for wet batter

- 3/4 cup water for wet batter

-1 tsp of the following seasonings for dry batter: Old Bay, cajun seasoning, garlic powder, onion powder, cayenne pepper, smoked paprika

- Optional: 1/2 tablespoon of cajun fish breading for dry batter, 1/2 tablespoon for wet batter (I used it the last few times and enjoyed, but still tantalizing without it!)

What you'll need:

frying pan (I prefer a cast iron skillet)

2 dishes for batters

gloves (optional) - This recipe gets messy so if you like, wear gloves or just be prepared to wash your hands a few times during the batter portion.

Keep your flour and seasonings close by because I had to add a bit more flour in case you run low on your dry batter.

Batter method: 1: dry 2: wet 3: dry batter again--then squeeze the oyster mushrooms to bind them to better mimic chicken. Make sure you get the excess moisture out of them. This allowed them to fry much better.

If I have buns on hand, I love to make them into a "fried chicken" sandwich and am partial to the Pretzilla buns. They're so good and visually appealing :-) Either way, I love to enjoy them with my special sauce that is sooo yummy with oyster mushrooms, french fries, and lots of other eats.

My special sauce:

2 parts vegan mayo

1 part sriracha

1 part wing sauce (I like Sweet Baby Rays---its accidentally vegan! Woot woot!)

1 part vegan ranch (optional..if you have it..add it!)


Did you make these? I wanna hear about it!! Tag me on social and don't forget to use the hashtag #tantalizingtamika when you post :-)

Check me out on: Instagram: @plantbasedtamika

TikTok: @chitownvegan

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