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Vegan Grilling Series Pt 2: Burger Taste Test

Part two of our Vegan Grilling Series is here! We have been hearing things through the vegan grapevine about all these different plant-based burgers, so we grilled all three and did a video taste test! If you missed Part 1 of our Grilling Series, we grilled a frozen pizza and turned it into a tantalizing, smoky, goey, saucy meal--it will be your new favorite way to enjoy pizza!

This taste test/review is going to be with the Alpha Burger, Impossible Burger (now available at Jewel stores) and the Beyond Burger. I purchased all three brands from Jewel.

Each burger was seasoned and dress the same with garlic powder, hamburger seasoning, smoked paprika, vegan mayo, mustard, tomato and onion on a bun. We grilled the burgers on indirect heat and it was my first time grilling solo and they turned out nice and juicy!

Have you tried any of these burgers? Tried them all? What do you think about them?

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